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Truck Accidents on State Road 27

Truck Accident Lawyers Representing Central Florida

Running for miles and miles north to south, State Road 27 is almost a straight shot through the heart of Florida. Due to its layout, it rapidly became one of the most popular trucking routes in the state, allowing tons of cargo and supplies to be carried from Miami to Leesburg and beyond. However, the convenience of travel for big rigs can sometimes directly equate to greater hazards for other motorists.

If you have been injured in a truck accident on State Road 27, there may be a way for you to secure financial compensation that helps pay for your injuries, repair costs, and even your lost wages. Contact a Lakeland truck accident attorney from Lilly, O’Toole & Brown, LLP to learn more about your legal options. Our Lake Wales office is located just 1 mile east of Highway 27!

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As State Road 27 traverses so much of Florida, our team of attorneys knows that you might have been hurt in Minneola or even a remote section of the Everglades. No matter where you were seriously injured in a truck accident, you should consider our law firm to be your first choice of legal representation. In some cases, we can even come to you, greatly reducing the amount of travel time you need to worry about as you rest and recover.

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When a big rig is handled negligently or improperly maintained, everyone around it is put at serious risk of catastrophe. Simply shifting unexpectedly into your lane on a slippery highway can cause major damage, resulting in broken bones, destroyed property, years of rehabilitation, and expensive hospital bills. Dealing with all of those consequences on your own is unacceptable to our Lakeland truck accident lawyers; we are prepared to fight for your rights, either during a settlement negotiation or in court.

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